On the painting table, 12/2/12

The Stormwall is assembled, but I’m procrastinating on painting it.  In the meantime, I started on the pods. I’m going to try some weathering effects on them once the painting is complete.  I’m thinking soot on the vanes and mud on the base.

Storm Pods

Arlan is almost done.  I tried to add some details by painting his gauges with a needle and “danger zone” but I’m not sure if it really adds much to the model.  I still struggle with painting metal, especially on isolated spots.  Larger bits are easier.

Arlan Strangewayes

The Thunderhead has been assembled and primed for months now.  Having just finished pNemo, I’m trying to get some progress made on him.  Recently I started using a Vallejo “extra opaque” brown to undercoat the gold instead of the typical black.  It’s worked out really well.  Even when base-coating white, which I normally avoid with metals, the brown is dark and opaque enough to cover fine.


Also in the queue, I’m assembling Boomhowlers and Jonas Murdoch.  They should be a nice complement to a large majority of Cygnar lists.

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