New editions to Cygnar

I finally got around to photographing the recent models I’ve added to my Cygnar army.  Despite writing a tutorial on photographing minis, I’m certainly no expert.  I’m not super-pleased with how the pics turned out. They’re lacking contrast and look flat to me.  Click on the photos to embigginate.
Gun Mages 
Stormblade Gunners

Stormblade Officer Attachment

Stormblade Infantry

Defender – front

Defender – back

Ol’ Rowdy – front

Ol’ Rowdy

Ol’ Rowdy

Hunter – front

Hunter – back

Disclaimer:  The guys below were done quite a while ago.  I look at them and cringe a little inside.  Still, I like to keep them here for the sake of continuity.

Journeyman Warcaster

Journeyman Warcaster – back

Squire, saddle my horse and fill my tankard!

Squire – front

Squire – back

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