Gencon 2012 – Privateer Press Models

 Just got back from Gencon 2012!  I wanted to make a quick post about some of the new models I saw there.  The photos I’ve seen to date weren’t that great, so I’m posting these from the Privateer Press booth for folks to admire.
Druid Gone Wilder and Bombardier Bombshell are Gencon exclusives.  They were sold out by the time I got to the booth, but they were available in the PP store during the con.  I ended up ordering both.  Gorgeous models.  
Click the images for slightly larger photos.

Druid Gone Wilder

Bombardier Bombshell

Updated!  You can see the contents of the blisters here 

General Ossrum
Ashlynn D’Elyse resculpt

Ashlynn was actually an entry into the painting competition, but I’m afraid I don’t know who painted it.  If you happen to know, please leave a note in the comments.

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