Centurion Piston Spear Conversion

I don’t do much in terms of modifications to models since I’m always short on time in getting them ready for the table.  I made an exception in the case of the Centurion’s spear.  I wanted to replace the spear in the metal kit with the one from the plastic warjack kit.  As the pictures will attest, I was largely successful.

Who doesn’t want a bigger spear?  The weapon on the metal version of Cygnar’s Centurion warjack is ridiculously tiny (seen in the photo below, right side).  It’s a toothpick.  The version from the plastic kit – now we’re talking.  To quote Crocodile Dundee – “That’s not a Piston Spear, THIS is a Piston Spear.”

Plastic Vs. Metal

The first step was to remove the spear from the existing metal arm.  I used a jewelers saw for this.

Reminds me of the last season of Justified
I went through four blades doing this 
Next, I hogged out more material on the arm with a Dremel tool.  The bit I used was less than ideal but it got the job done.  I pinned it at the same time.

After pinning, it’s pretty much done.  I’ll add some green stuff to fill the gaps once it’s glued up.  At this point I still need to wash the parts, which is why I haven’t glued it up.  Here’s the final fit.


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