April Circle

I’m a bit late putting these up, but April was a slow painting month.  I’m making up for it in May.  I’m steadily painting models for a Baldur theme list.  To date, I only had two Circle casters painted and table-ready – Kaya and Grayle.  This month I added eKaya and Baldur.  I’m getting a lot of practice painting sticks and stones, which are commonly used in Circle to break them bones. 


Otherwise known as  “Kaya the Moonblood” due to her red pants.  Thank my wife for that one.

Kaya, the Moonhunter

I really like painting solos.  Baldur’s model is clean and well-defined.  That’s something that makes painting easier for me.  I don’t enjoy painting models when I can’t tell what a thing is.  Is that part of the coat, or is it his undershirt?  Is that surface pants or boot?  I struggle.  Perhaps I should not worry about it and just do what looks sweet.  On second thought, I’m too OCD to go that route.

Baldur, the Stonecleaver

Spoiler:  In May I finish the rest of Baldur’s theme force.

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