How did I paint without it? 

I bought a new airbrush and it arrived last weekend.  Within minutes, I was spraying basecoats on models.  It’s fast, fast, fast and the coats are baby-butt smooth.  I picked up some of the Vallejo airbrush/brush-on primer and was equally blown-away with what a good product that is.  Now I can spray my undercoats on at my desk, regardless of the weather outside, and get solid, complete coverage of my models without wasting any paint.  That’s just for priming/base-coating.  I’m not skilled enough yet to do more than that, but maybe someday.

Part of my motivation came from the big models that are coming out from Privateer Press.  The airbrush makes painting big things much easier and faster.  Also, you can do directional highlighting with ease.  Want the light to come from one direction?  Spray a lighter coat from that direction!  Smooth blending comes for free. 

I’ll post some pictures of my WIP stuff.

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