Painting Table Update – Jan 16, 2013

There’s a whole slew of models on the painting table right now.  I’m still trying to build up a critical mass of Cygnar models/units to make for some more flexible lists.
First up, the Sentinel.  Mainly, Caine wants a Shield Guard model.  The sentinel is a good choice since he’s got more boxes and some shooty applications over the Bokur.

The hope is that Murdoch will be attached to Boomhowlers once they’re painted.  Also, his sculpt is a lot cooler than I expected.  He was fun to paint.

Jonas Murdoch

The Ranger… I don’t really have a plan for them.  They mainly appealed because they look sweet and there are only six of them… have I mentioned how much I hate painting units?


Eiryss1 is another model that I feel like I need to have in my bag.  I have yet to play her, but I hear that she’s “good.”


I wanted some cheap infantry, and the Sword Knights are the cheapest in-faction infantry that Cygnar has.  Also, Runewood is a badass, and he’s a Sword Knight.  I’m really lacking in melee infantry right now and feel like I need something other than expensive Stormblades to gum up the works.

Sword Knights

Yeah, this big bastard is still on the table.  Honestly I’m intimated by the big, gorgeous model.  Also, I didn’t have any way to transport him until I got the Battlefoam insert.  Once I have the support army painted for him, I’ll have run out of excuses.


Eventually I’ll post shots of completed models, but it’s just a pain in the ass to get the “studio” set up to take them.  The iPhone does a great job with shots on the table and the pictures seem to have more flavor to them.

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