Combined Attacks – Revisited with Examples

Previously I posted about a spreadsheet I created to help me better understand Combined Attacks.  Admittedly, this spreadsheet can be overwhelming for new users, so I thought it warranted another visit.

Combined Attack Spreadsheet

I’m going to work out a couple of fictitious examples below.

In the first example, I have a minimum unit of Far Shooters facing off against a unit of Ocean Whelps along with First Swabby Dove(a character solo with 5 health boxes).  In order of priority, I want to kill First Swabby Dove and then as many Ocean Whelps as possible with the remaining attacks.  Dove has 15 DEF, 13 ARM, and health boxes.  The Whelps are 13/12.

Let’s go to the spreadsheet.  If I want to hit Dove on average dice, I need at least a 3-man CRA.  However, based on average rolls, that won’t be enough damage to kill her.  I actually need a 4-man CRA, which also boosts my chance to hit to 72% while averaging 6 damage.  If I still don’t think that’s enough margin, I add another man (5-man now) for an average of 7.5 damage.  I get these figures from the spreadsheet.

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